Maligayang Bati sa iyong Kaarawan Pinakamamahal kong Bana!

interlude . . .

Maligayang Bati!

Maligayang Bati!

Maligayang! Maligaya!

Maligayang Bati!


Keep holdin’ on Dadee, we will soon be together. Today is the beginning of eternity.

Momee Angel: I'll be there at your side dadee soon. Keep holdin’ on. Magbihis ka naman muna. LOL!

Dadeeeeeeee!!! :-) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! You’re already 29 and you’re halfway dead!!! Hahaha! Joke! Joke! Joke! Tawa naman dyan. Makaiwas ka pa sa wrinkles. Looking young, feeling young ka pa. :-) Magtatatlong dekada ka na dito sa mundo. O kumusta naman ang buhay buhay mo? Naging ok ba? Hehehe!!! La la la life is wonderful ba? Hehe! Well, cyempre! definitely! As time goes by, our lives have been ripened by those experiences we had, they mold us to become a better person, seeing an updated version of us. We live more, we laugh more, we love more, and we are hurt as well, but  love in return outweighs selflessly every hurt we have.

Life is indeed wonderful!

And I am so glad that you are a survivor for 29 years. But still I wish you a life that is filled with happiness and love that you deserved. A life that is well and long. Marami pa tayong  kakaining bigas. There so much more in store for us. Madami pang mangyayari. Scary man minsan pero ok lang, normal lang na matakot. Ang importante we got to deal with what life could bring us kahit na minsan pagive up na tayo. Amidst this, alam ko makakayanan natin to and we will certainly be very very happy. Nirvana nga sabi mo. :-)

Payakap nga. :-)


Dadee? Mingaw ko nimo jud kaayo. I miss everything about you, every detail of you. How I wish we are always together, we’re never apart. You’re part of everything I think and do and feel. Di na talaga yan maalis. I’m so addicted to you. :-) Pano na ba yan dadee? Hehehe! I hope I’m with you at this very special day of yours. It’s your first birthday with me in your life. Pero wala ako dyan. Hay! Ok lang, we have till eternity pa naman to spend your birthdays (and mine too) together. :-) Mmmmmmmmwah!!!

I wish I could give you the perfect birthday gift dadee, something that could show you how much I love you. :-) How much I’m proud of you. How perfect you are to me. But no gift could ever mean as much as all you’ve given me. As in!

Your love makes even ordinary days happy. It makes being in your arms my favorite place to be. So I thank you for the gift of you and the gift of your love Dadee. Ikaw na nagregalo sakin. :-) The best ka eh. :-) Wala na makapantay. Kahit ako siguro di ko yan mapantayan. :-) Di ka nga magpatalo sa love mo. :-) And that makes me so proud and blessed having you dadee, you’re truly the best despite of your imperfections. I love the way you are always. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday Dadee!

Nahigugma ko nimo jud kaayo.


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dadee mic
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 17:13:47

    MOMEEEEEEEEEE thank you! thank you so so so much talaga po.. grabe speechless ang dadee… all i could think is how blessed and lucky i am for you to be my momee angel till eternity.. :) your my perfect birthday gift from God momee.. truly my life.. and my happiness… i love you so much momee.. i love you w/ all of my heart… mmmwahhhhh! mmmmmmmmwwahh! mmmwhhhhh! mmmwahhhh! :)


  2. Angeline Filipino
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 18:06:57



  3. mc larz
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 13:41:01

    nindota inyo message oi nakabasa lang ko ba bisaya pud ko nibasa ko kay nindot man ang unod sa mga mensahe gud birthday na pud nako 2 days from now hehehe advance happy bday 2 d way salamat sa inyo msgs ganahan lang ko……..labay lang ko mag trnyta na pud ko hapit ma lapas sa kalendaryo peru walay blema ky naa pay bingo hehehe peru age is not a destination its a journey………thank u thank u sa inyu message…….bye…….GODBLESS till then


    • Angeline Filipino
      Oct 20, 2009 @ 18:03:54

      Ano raw? Hehe! Dili ako kabihao? (My best bisaya attempt) Hehehe!

      Mali pala… Dapat daw Hindi kabihao. Hahahaha!!!

      Mali …. Mali … Mali nanaman!!! Hahahaha!

      Dili ako kahibao!!! eto na ba? Hay! Diyos ko Lord! Bicolana po ako. Hehe!


  4. dadee mic
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 18:51:07

    momee mali ung kabihao, dapat kahibao.. :) hehehehe cute magbisaya momee ko.. :)mmmwahhh! mmmwahhhh! mmmmwahhhh! i love you momee ko…and i miss u sooooo badly… by the way momee these are the translation sa comment ni mc lars.. sabi nya nkabasa daw cya kase bisaya daw cya and nagustohan nya ung mensahe momee ko..malapit nadaw birthday nya, naggreet pa cya sa sarili nya.. :) happy birthday mc lars.. hehehhe.. malapit nadaw cya mg 30.. parehas kami.. :0 but its not a problem kase me bingo pa.. (hindi gets ung bingo momee)…


    • Angeline Filipino
      Oct 20, 2009 @ 18:58:13

      A ok!!! Hehe! Happy Birthday Mc Larz. Thanks you like it. :-)
      Anything that comes from the heart talaga is BEAUTIFUL!!! :-)


      Parehas pa tayo ng birthday. :-) Isn’t that nice. :-)

      Dadeeeeeeeee!!!! Mingaw ko nimo pod jud kaayo.
      nahigugma ko nimo kaayo pod… Mmmmmmmwah!!!!

      matototo rin ako magbisaya dad! hehe! wait ka lang, baka daigin pa kita dyan. Hehehe!!! Yun mga malalim na bisaya aalamin ko pa. Haha!


      Ingat sa pag-uwi bana ko.

      You’re always in my heart.



  5. Angeline Filipino
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 20:39:07

    My goodness gracious Dadee! You know what?! This bday blog was published last October 19, 2009 at sa related news section nila :-) and meron pa sa iba sites. Grabe! :-) Saya naman :-) Maybe they find my bday message to you nice. :-) Saya naman talaga naappreciate nila kahit di sila nagpaalam cocopy nila. Hehe. Anything that comes from the heart talaga is BEAUTIFUL. :-) I love you always dadee Mic ko. :-)

    Here’s the link:


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